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SteelBox is an innovative real estate product from SiGLA

The works have started in September

SteelBox, an innovative real estate product from SiGLA in the Móstoles Technology Park.

Marketing work has already begun, with various advertising and promotion actions, as well as construction works that are progressing at a good pace.

The complex is located on Julio Cervera Street in the technological park, right in front of the ThyssenKrupp industrial complex, and occupies a 2,520m2 plot of land for the construction of two parallel buildings and their corresponding provision of parking and services.

The land leveling works have been completed with the construction of a perimeter wall as well as the foundation and accesses, and the erection of the prefabricated concrete structure is now beginning.

The complex will be used for renting storage modules, workshops and offices for self-employed professionals and micro-businesses, with spaces of 17m2 or more with a private parking space at the Box door. These are 52 spaces intended for rental with which SiGLA, a company specializing in commercial real estate investments, takes a step forward in innovation with this new development of a logistical and industrial nature of a novel nature.

The target is self-employed professionals and micro-businesses that need to establish a workplace to carry out their professional or storage activity in a sufficient and efficient space, with hardly any financial effort and in a single invoice for rent, supplies and services.

SteelBox is SiGLA’s commitment to innovation in a market niche still to be explored after twenty years developing parks and shopping centers, supermarkets, service stations, compact gas stations, logistics platforms and refrigerated warehouses, parking lots,… and assets in general. commercial real estate oriented towards income for investors, both private and corporate, family offices and commercial distribution operators.

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