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Promotion of new Ballenoil gas station in Madrid

In its first operation with the service station operator

SiGLA promotes a new “low cost” gas station for Ballenoil

In this case it is a compact gas station next to the Sambil Outlet Madrid Shopping Center, in Madrid.

Between the neighborhood of La Fortuna, Leganés, and the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel, the implementation of a new automated gas station has been carried out that Sigla, in this case acting as a promoter, has just developed for the operator Ballenoil.

The installation, which has been in service since this month of May, is made up of two parallel pumps protected by a large canopy and an operations booth, since although the fuel supply is carried out automatically in up to four vehicles simultaneously , the station has employees who supervise refueling at certain times.

Ballenoil, which currently has more than 200 automated service stations in Spain, was founded in 2010 and is one of the most prominent new brands in the fuel sector.

With extensive experience of more than 20 years, SiGLA has established itself as a specialist in the development of compact gas stations, acting as promoter, delegate promoter, engineering, project manager,… as the case may be, and for operators such as Ballesoil, Caprabo, E.Leclerc or Eroski.