Experience and opportunity: the new technological assets

android-icon-48x48Data processing centers

Times change and opportunities accompany them. In recent decades we have witnessed the information revolution and its sequel, the telecommunications revolution. A milestone that undoubtedly marks a before and after in History.

SiGLA, always attentive to trends in its sector, is already at the forefront of new business opportunities: the demand for technological storage centers and data servers, with its participation in three projects in service and another six in development.

These Data Processing Centers, or Data Centers, are a very sophisticated real estate asset format, where professional experience is a key value in the success of any project.

With our participation in a dozen developments in Madrid and the Basque Country, at SiGLA we can say that we are pioneers in this type of assets, and especially with regard to land management and development, and the design and management of the energy resources necessary for a Data Processing Center.