Promotion, management, development and legalization of petrol stations.

57 gas stations for operators of commercial distribution like Eroski or E.Leclerc.

Very interesting property assets for investors and operators.

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Promotion, project management, development and legalization. The development of petrol stations as a commercial asset is one of SiGLA´s specialties, backed by its more than 50 developments.

Petrol stations are facilities with an added measure of difficulty because of the strict safety regulation and environmental requirements, but Service Stations are an interesting asset for investors and operators.

The professionals at SiGLA in this specialty have developed more than 57 petrol stations for commercial distributors like Eroski, E.Leclerc or Caprabo.

In this specialty, it is worth highlighting the development of low cost or compact petrol stations, which we have have already worked with a dozen of them.

These are automatic, self-service filling stations with no building, shop, car wash or other necessary services for a Service Station.

The so-called “Low Cost Petrol Station” is characterized by its lack of added costs to the product, the petrol or diesel, without which we can greatly reduce the price of the fuel, since the expense of managing these business units are minimal. This way, the client benefits from a reduced price as a result of a more efficient business.