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Parking Fco. Norte, in the center of Marbella

With the sale of its last parking spaces

SiGLA concludes its performance in the Francisco Norte Parking in Marbella

In the development company, majority owned by Sergio Ramos, Sigla has carried the weight of the operation, both in the technical and urban aspects.

It has been almost ten years since the Sigla team took on the challenge of adding value to a dead asset, with less than 50% of the work completed and complex urban planning problems. It is an underground parking lot for 675 vehicles, on two floors, under a publicly owned plaza in the heart of the urban center of Marbella.

The first thing was to update all the old technical projects and evaluate the works carried out, hire the engineering and architectural teams, as well as the companies necessary to complete the works.

Likewise, the public square and sports facilities are designed and projected and presented to the City Council for approval.

The approach is to launch a rotating parking lot with 330 spaces on floor –1, and a floor –2 for the sale of parking spaces for private use.

The car park works lasted two years and finally in November 2014, floor –1 was opened to the public, through an operating agreement with Vinci Park España, today Indigo, which acquired ownership of 50% of the asset.

The sale to individuals and small investors of the parking spaces on the second floor is picking up pace, driven by various commercial and advertising actions, so that in the summer of 2022 the last units held by Sigla will be sold, while at the same time proceeded to the liquidation of the promoting company.

Services and Investments in GLA, Sigla, a company specialized in developments and promotion in the tertiary sector, successfully completed its participation in this complex operation in which it has led all the promotion, investment management, urban management and commercialization.