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SteelBox opens its doors in the Móstoles Technology Park

After overcoming all the administrative conditions

SteelBox opens its doors and 10 companies already operate in its Móstoles Technology Park complex

The construction works finished in May, and it was not until the end of July when the City Council issued the opening license.

The Covid’19 crisis has necessarily modified SiGLA’s plans for this project, especially with regard to development and opening deadlines. The positive aspect of this crisis is the marketing, since SteelBox has been designed for self-employed professionals and micro-businesses that need sufficient and efficient space, with hardly any financial effort. In this way, the crisis has aroused great interest among professionals who seek to develop their activity with the best means and without superfluous costs.

The complex is located at 6 Julio Cervera Street in the Móstoles Tecnológico industrial estate, right in front of the ThyssenKrupp industrial complex, and occupies a 2,520m2 plot of land for the construction of two parallel buildings and their corresponding provision of parking and services.

There are 52 boxes fully equipped for the development of activities ranging from industrial to services, since SteelBox has a license for multiple activities.

It is worth highlighting the telecommunications project planned and carried out, which provides each box with up to four fiber optic lines with the capacity to support two data servers.

Likewise, SiGLA is carrying out a surface expansion project for the implementation of a mezzanine in those boxes that request it, thus increasing the available space by 10 m2 and optimizing existing buildability.

SteelBox is SiGLA’s commitment to innovation in a market niche still to be explored after twenty years developing parks and shopping centers, supermarkets, service stations, compact gas stations, logistics platforms and refrigerated warehouses, parking lots,… and in general real estate assets of commercial nature oriented to income for investors, both private and corporate, family offices and commercial distribution operators.

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