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SiGLA promotes the opening of a new Supermarket in Orio

An innovative promotion formula for supermarkets and hypermarkets

SiGLA promotes the preparation of a 1,400m2 premises for a new Supermarket in Orio

The “turnkey” supermarket even outsources the investment.

The innovative promotion formula allows the operator to get rid of operations and costs outside of its own business by contracting with a specialist company all the responsibilities of the development and facilities departments, and what is even more innovative: it outsources the investment in new establishments.

Indeed, there are many commercial distribution operators (food, DIY, fashion, sports, automobiles, etc.) that bear the weight of their own technical departments for the development of establishments and the investment in new openings, thus hindering their expansion.

In this case it is a local supermarket for the Eroski Group that has 1,400m2 on two floors. Cold rooms, warehouses and a pedestrian access lobby make up the street floor, which also includes a forklift, elevator and escalators for access and exit for customers. The Sales Room, with 900m2, is located in the basement which can also be accessed directly through the underground parking.

Starting from a raw premises, Si-GLA specialists will take care of the preparation of the project, the management of the necessary licenses and the construction management. They will also take care of the civil works, electrical installations, industrial cold, sanitation, lighting and air conditioning. To complete the establishment, Si-GLA will take care of the necessary furniture and machinery (refrigerated display cases, shelves, changing rooms, workshops,…), the computer installation and communication supports (signs, signage, POS,…), and so on. end the processing of licenses and authorizations on behalf of the client.

With all this, Si-GLA guarantees the development of a new fully operational establishment for the client to incorporate into their commercial network, without more than specifying the needs and requirements of their store model.

In this way, the operator focuses its efforts on what really provides value, which is its commercial distribution business, whether of products, services or both.