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SiGLA promotes the new Recaré commercial project in Vigo

Commissioned by the developer Inmobiliaria Recaré, S.A.

SiGLA assumes the delegated promotion of the new Recaré commercial project in the city of Vigo.

The new commercial complex is renovated according to current commercial needs and demands.

The Shopping Center project that began its journey in 2006 with the purchase of 71,000m2 of land, starts with renewed air with the help of SiGLA as delegate promoter of the company Recaré, S.A. owner of the land.
There will be more than 70 million euros of investment that SiGLA will manage in a shopping complex that, due to its appearance, will be halfway between a classic shopping center and a medium-sized retail park as we know them.

Indeed, the original project with a large hypermarket and a hundred small stores has been rejected and replaced by a commercial complex more in line with current needs with five large commercial areas and 1,700 parking spaces. The sectors on which the commercial offer of the new project is based are DIY, food, sports, household goods and pets.
The complex is located at the end of Avenida de Madrid, in the Bembrive area, on a 71,000m2 plot of land, of which 15,075m2 will be allocated to green areas, 20,085m2 to new roads and the rest to tertiary commercial use. The building to be built will have four floors, a semi-underground ground floor for parking and vertical communication cores, a first floor with two premises of 9,600m2 and 12,000m2, a second floor with two other large premises of 6,000m2 and 8,500m2, a 500m2 premises intended for catering and open parking, and finally a fourth floor intended entirely for parking. In total there will be 1,500 own parking spaces and 200 more that are available on the new public roads.
The complex will have two access points at the front and another three at the back, and an overpass over the A55 that will improve communications throughout the area.