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SiGLA plans a dozen “low cost gas stations”

In France and the United States it is a very widespread model.

SiGLA develops a new model of Low Cost Gas Station and plans a dozen implementations

The new regulations allow the installation of this type of gas stations in Supermarkets and Shopping Centers with their own commercial license.

These are automatic self-service pumps and lack a building, store, car wash or other services necessary in a typical Service Station.

The Government regulated this new type of establishment in Royal Decree 4/2013 as a stimulus measure for the economy, allowing the installation of these fuel supply units in commercial establishments, commercial centers and parks, ITV, service areas and industrial estates.

The name “Low Cost Gas Station” is given by the total absence of added costs to the product itself, gasoline or diesel, without which we can reduce the price of fuel by up to 10 cents/liter since the management costs of these units business are minimal. In this way, the customer benefits from a reduced price as a result of a more efficient business.

On the other hand, distribution companies that have already started installing their own brand gas stations such as Alcampo, Carrafour, Eroski, E-Leclerc and others can now access this new model of gas station with only the space of eight parking spaces. parking in its shopping centers or in Free Standing establishments.

SiGLA, as a specialist in the development of commercial assets and equipment, is currently planning a dozen of these low-cost gas stations for its clients in the Balearic Community and the Basque Country, some of which are already in administrative procedures to begin their implementation. .

SiGLA promoters and engineers have already developed more than 50 Service Stations in the pre-2010 stage and seven more gas stations since the Company was founded, which allows them to act with the experience that guarantees success and profitability in the investment. .

The development of this type of commercial assets is a specialty of SiGLA, which acts as promoter and investor, as delegated promoter for an investor or as project management for the operating company itself, depending on the case.