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SiGLA obtains the first occupancy license for the Francisco Norte Car Park in Marbella

The parking lot is completely finished and ready to operate.

SiGLA obtains the first occupancy license for the Francisco Norte Car Park in Marbella

After the completion of the works and the connection to the municipal electricity supply, water and sanitation networks, the accesses have been completed.

The Marbella City Council has approved the proposed resolution for the granting of the first occupation license, this Tuesday, September 23, in the urban planning commission after completing the technical projects and the favorable reports from the supplying companies. With this, Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras takes a step forward towards the long-awaited opening of the car park.

Likewise, the Property is finalizing the selection process of the company that will manage the rotating parking plant, a management for which offers have been received from three of the best specialized companies nationwide. This plant will be able to provide service in less than 30 days from the signing of the exploitation contract, according to the operating companies.

At the same time, the marketing work for the spaces on the –2 floor that began in the month of May is proceeding at a good pace once the period and preferential purchase price granted to neighbors, professionals, merchants and hoteliers in the downtown area have expired.

In this regard, Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras will be able to deliver the spaces acquired as property starting in October, when the car park begins to operate.

On the other hand, this summer work on the surface plaza and its sports facilities began with the aim of being completed before the end of 2014. This public space and its sports facilities will be transferred by Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras to the people of Marbella according to agreement signed with the City Council.

The Francisco Norte car park is made up of 2 underground floors with a constructed area of ​​9,250 m2 to accommodate approximately 337 vehicles per floor. It has four cores of stairs as pedestrian access and exit to the surface and two large ramps for vehicle access and exit to Luís Oliver Street and Ricardo Soriano Avenue.

Its location in the heart of Marbella, next to the Town Hall and the Marina, makes it a facility of notable importance for this epicenter city of the Costa del Sol.