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SiGLA develops a new eco-efficient facility in Mercapalma

It brings together all its experience in sustainable construction and eco-efficiency.

SiGLA incorporates the latest energy efficiency technologies in the new fresh products platform developed in Mercapalma.

This is another logistics platform for Eroski with 10,000m2 refrigerated.

The Mallorcan project, which began its development in April 2012, is about to be completed with the incorporation of all technological advances aimed at reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impact of this new facility.

SiGLA already developed a pilot center in Oñate in 2012, as a laboratory for eco-efficient solution packages exportable to any other facility, which has meant a before and after in the construction of new facilities by registering energy savings of up to 46%, which which represents close to 54,000 euros per year in electrical costs depending on the case.

To achieve the objective of an eco-efficient construction, it is necessary to work on various aspects: firstly, the nature of the building itself, with the oversizing of the different insulation layers on vertical walls and roofs as well as the hermeticism of all the insulation mechanisms. opening and closing of the different interior rooms. This aspect is essential given the average temperatures in the Balearic Islands.

Secondly, the facilities: LED lighting with adjustable optics, cold production center with cascade architecture, CO2 as refrigerant gas, which achieves temperatures of –35ºC with zero environmental impact, and use of the resulting hot gas for defrosting all chambers and for heating locker rooms.

These measures are completed by the installation of frequency converters and electronic fans in the condensation system, which achieve notable energy savings.

Acting as delegated promoter of the Eroski Group in this case, SiGLA is already finalizing for its next delivery this newly built platform on a 19,000 m2 plot, of which 10,000 m2 is a huge cold storage warehouse and the rest is divided between offices, control , roads and parking lots.