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SiGLA completes two new turnkey supermarkets for Eroski

Located in the capitals of Biscay and Navarre

SiGLA completes two new turnkey supermarkets for Eroski

An establishment in the Zorroza neighborhood of Bilbao with 1,450m2 of sales room, and another of 980m2 on Tafalla street in the Pamplona expansion.

The engineering and project management area has developed these two operations in parallel during the second half of 2018, to deliver the Navarrese supermarket in the last days of November and the establishment in Bilbao at the end of January 2019.

These are two urban supermarkets with 980m2 in Pamplona and 1,450m2 of sales room in Bilbao. In both cases, SiGLA has taken charge of the engineering project and construction management, managing to convert several old premises into modern supermarkets of the new Eroski “Contigo” model.

Thus, in the case of Pamplona, ​​the area to be treated included four old premises, including an old Día of about 400m2, a driving school, a hairdresser and a bank branch. Some of them have been waiting for this intervention since 2008.

As a result, a modern establishment equipped with fresh produce, dry food, drugstore and pet sections. It is worth highlighting the implementation of 3 new self-payment boxes that join four other traditional ones.

The development of this project has occurred at a good pace, with SiGLA having taken only six months to deliver.

The establishment of Bilbao has involved a particularly complex operation since originally the property was divided into 40 properties, and the purchase was completed at the beginning of July of last year. From then on, SiGLA takes the reins of the project, acting in two phases: one for demolition and another for civil works and fitting out, delivering the new establishment to Eroski at the end of January 2019 after six months of work.

In this case, SiGLA has acted as project engineering and project manager, highlighting in the latter role the economic management of the investment made.

The result is a premises equipped with advanced acoustic and thermal insulation innovations, a Full-CO2 refrigeration system with ecological refrigerant and heat recovery for integration with the air conditioning system, LED lighting,… and environmental control and energy saving measures. in which the engineering area of ​​SiGLA stands out for its experience. Likewise, this establishment includes three self-pay card boxes.

Once completed, and with 1,450m2 of sales room, the new Zorroza supermarket has all the “dry” food sections and assisted sales sections for fresh products such as butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers and bakeries, drugstore sections and perfumery, pets, in addition to having all the services that Eroski currently provides in its new “Contigo” model.

SiGLA is a company for the promotion, services and investments in commercial real estate assets that has managed to gather exceptional human capital coordinated in three areas of work: Urban Development, Investment and Development, and Commercial Management.

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After years of experience, Si-GLA professionals have developed more than 30 large Shopping Centers, 60 gas stations, a hundred hypermarkets, logistics platforms, etc… being the leading company in its sector due to experience, capacity, service, and now also, in innovation for sustainability and energy efficiency in the construction and start-up of commercial establishments.

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