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SiGLA completes the Francisco Norte sports center

The car park has been operational since November 2014

The new Plaza Francisco Norte is finished and has been handed over to the Marbella City Council

Sergio Ramos, delivers the work and its facilities to Mayor Angeles Muñoz.

The promoter company, Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras, has already completed the works and the fitting out of the sports facilities planned in the project approved by the City Council.

For this reason, company directors accompanied by Sergio Ramos, reference shareholder of the company

commercial, have visited this morning the new square and its already completed sports facilities, handing over to the City Council.

The construction company handed over the work to the promoter on February 15, a month having elapsed between auctions, certifications and the approval of the Property and Project Management.

The popular Real Madrid player has shown his satisfaction by participating in an investment that includes the delivery of these sports facilities to the people of Marbella, hoping that they will soon be open and available to the people of Marbella.

The new Plaza Francisco Norte is located in the heart of the city, between Ricardo Soriano Avenue, to the north, and the Paseo Marítimo, to the south, and very close to the pedestrian historic center. It has access through Pintor Rivera and Francisco Norte streets, both sides of the recently renovated Notario Luis Oliver street. Its design has also foreseen the next connection with Virgen del Pilar street and Alonso de Bazán street. It was Marbella’s soccer field and after years of abandonment it is now recovering the public and sporting use that many Marbellians still remember.

The plot has a surface area of ​​9,586m2, of which 4,343m2 have been allocated to sports facilities and 3,687m2 to recreation and walking areas.

The sports area consists of four state-of-the-art paddle tennis courts with polypropylene grass pavement and synthetic glass bottoms, with each court measuring 200m2; an 800m2 multi-sports court for tennis, basketball, handball and soccer, and a skating rink of almost 350m2.

These sports facilities are completed with a 250m2 service building that houses changing rooms with a dressing area, showers and toilets, office and warehouses. Another small 30m2 building houses access control. These facilities are completed by several bleacher areas with 400m2 for spectators and 1,855m2 of transit and rest areas within the sports area.

The walking and recreation areas include a children’s area with 728m2 for the little ones with swings, a slide and a rope maze with devices of modern design and maximum security.

The walking area occupies an area of ​​2,483m2 and includes the connection for future access from Virgen del Pilar street.

Both the sports area and its service building and all walking and recreational areas have been designed and built following accessibility measures for people with reduced mobility. Likewise, maximum care has been taken in the design and definition of evacuation routes and access for emergency vehicles throughout the premises.

The investment effort of this space has amounted to €1.5 million, which is added to the €550,000 that the development company has contributed to improve the surrounding roads, which will ultimately amount to €2 million. Mediterranean Infrastructure Manager for the city of Marbella.


It was in August 1940 when the City Council agreed to build a sports field in what was then the “Huerta del Faro” estate on the outskirts of Marbella. Three years later, construction work began and it was not until 1946 when it was inaugurated as “Campo Deportivo Francisco Norte”, a soccer field made of hard earth and equipped with lighting. And it remained in this sporting use for fifty years until it fell into abandonment in 1996.

Since then, the plot and subsoil of Francisco Norte has suffered a complicated legal trajectory until on May 22, 2012, Court number 2 of A Coruña awarded it to Banco Popular, free of a past with two decades of vicissitudes.

New Property

The company Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras, S.L. acquired the subsoil of the Francisco Norte in order to address the development and completion of the car park, uniting important investors with specialists in the promotion of infrastructure and assets in the tertiary sector.

This is a project with a marked social and sporting character, both in regards to the ground level plot and in regards to the subsoil.

Firstly, because the site was for years a public space for sports use that was very loved by the citizens of Marbella and will be again, and secondly because the parking located in the basement is a very necessary facility in a central area of ​​the city. with little parking for residents, merchants, professionals and passersby that will undoubtedly give quality and economic boost to its surroundings.

The investment company Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras acquired the property of the Francisco Norte in February 2013.

At that moment he puts his team to work to achieve the updating of the technical projects and an agreement with the City Council that seeks the best framework of action for the achievement and commissioning of the parking lot and the sports plaza.

Also during 2013, the engineering and architectural teams were hired, as well as the companies necessary to complete the works.

At that time, the parking lot was just over 50% completed, and the plaza had not been started.

In January 2014, work began on the parking lot, consisting of the masonry and sanitation finishes, as well as the incorporation of all the installations: electrical, ventilation, lighting, security, toilets, technical rooms, etc. The four parking points were also built. vertical communication with its corresponding building above ground, where elevators, stairs and ventilation cores are located.

At the same time, the architect Juan Pedro Fernández, from the Sevillian team Lofts Desarrollos, hired by Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras for the occasion, designs the plaza and the sports facilities supported by the experience of his studio in this type of projects.

The plaza and sports area was presented to the municipal team in autumn 2013, and after successive improvements, the project was approved by the Marbella City Council on May 13, 2014.

This May, the development company begins the marketing of the 345 parking spaces that make up floor –2, while floor –1 is reserved for use in rotation with a ticket, so that the needs for domestic use by customers are met. residents, merchants, professionals and workers of the neighborhood on the ground floor and the needs of passers-by and visitors on the upper floor.

Once the parking works were completed in the summer of 2014, the Marbella City Council approved the proposed resolution for the granting of the first occupancy license, on Tuesday, September 23, in the Urban Planning Commission after completing the technical projects and favorable reports. of the supplying companies.

The rotating car park begins to provide service on Monday, November 3, once the municipal licenses for first occupation and opening to operate have been obtained, and once the municipal actions on Notario Luis Oliver Street and its surroundings have been completed.

In the case of floor -2, Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras also begins to deliver the parking spaces to the new private owners throughout this autumn, after the signing of the property deeds and delivery of the keys.

As for the ground-level plot, the works in the square and the preparation of the sports areas have progressed at a very good pace.

The construction management estimated that the work would be resolved within seven months, hoping that the planning would be executed without unforeseen events, as it has been, so that the space that will be public and its sports facilities have been delivered to the city in the spring 2015.

The new Plaza de Francisco Norte has 9,586m2 of which 4,343m2 will be used for sports facilities and the rest for green areas, walks and children’s games.

The sports facilities consist of a multi-sports court, four paddle tennis courts, a 350m2 skating rink, a changing room building, toilets and control booths, as well as a thousand square meters for a building for sports use.


The investment budget for this space amounts to €1.5M, which is added to the €550,000 that the development company has contributed to improve the surrounding roads, which will ultimately be €2M in Gestora Mediterránea’s contribution. of Infrastructures to the city of Marbella.