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SiGLA buys 50% of Gentalia

SiGLA enters the Property Management Gentalia company to consolidate its strategic position in the Shopping Centers sector.

The leading company, due to the experience of its human team, in the development of commercial facilities, has completed a strategic move that also positions it at the head of the management and marketing of commercial real estate assets.

Both Madrid-based companies have participated together in a good number of projects for various investment groups in the past. Now SiGLA, with its entry into the share capital of the management company, consolidates its position in a key area of ​​the retail sector.

Gentalia is a leading company in consulting, wealth management, marketing and shopping center management. Its management team has participated in the implementation of a good number of projects and is among the pioneers of the sector in our country.

Currently, Gentalia has in its portfolio 4 projects in marketing and 45 Centers in marketing and management, with a total of 1,273,800 square meters of GLA distributed throughout Spain in 2,740 stores and 111 million euros in rental management.

The consultancy was created in 2002 under the control of the Lar Real Estate Group and the Eroski distribution group to manage the combined commercial assets of both groups of companies. During this time, Gentalia has quadrupled its size to meet the demand for services that the market has demanded, forming a human team that exceeds ninety people.

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