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SiGLA successfully closes the sale of the Ulma Construction headquarters in Madrid

The purchase and sale operation was closed in November 2012.

SiGLA successfully concludes the sale of the former Ulma Construction headquarters in Cobeña, Madrid.

The 48,420m2 facilities were built in 2005 to house the Regional Management and logistics platform of Ulma in Madrid.

The Ulma Group decided to move the Ulma Construction Center Delegation to Toledo, thus improving its business and adapting it to the current activity.

The divestment that occurs with the sale of this property represents an operation of strategic importance that is entrusted to SiGLA, a company specializing in commercial real estate assets.

The property is located in the Madrid municipality of Cobeña, northeast of Madrid, in the quadrant formed by the A1 and A2 roads and right at the foot of the M-100 road that connects the two.

It is a complex made up of a main office building of 2,987m2. and three warehouses of 6,270 m2, 2,348 m2 and 608 m2 respectively, equipped with 240 m2 auxiliary factory offices. All of this sits on a 48,420m2 plot with an authorized buildable area of ​​13,447m2, of which 12,455m2 have been consumed.

This important endowment has been acquired by the Petit Group, which integrates several companies specialized in the manufacture of all types of cardboard containers and packaging, from corrugated cardboard sheets to bricks and containers for food use, and also participates in the European cardboard network. Alliabox.

The group was already present in Cobeña with its associate Avance Cartón Ondulado S.L. since 1999 and with this acquisition it reinforces its presence and has enough space to expand its activity and product catalog.