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Resumen de actividad SiGLA 2014

2014, a year at SiGLA that leaves us satisfied

Igor Martínez de Arenaza

Dr. Investment and Project Development

Finally, 2014 has been a fruitful and fulfilling year for SiGLA, both due to the completion of important operations and the launch of new projects.

We began in the same month of January with the delivery in Mercapalma of a Logistics Platform for the Eroski group. A newly built facility, on a 19,000m2 plot, for the storage and distribution of fresh and frozen products to the nearly 190 points of sale that the Basque group has in the Balearic Islands.

During the first half of the year we also consolidated the installation of a new 1,400m2 supermarket in Orio and its opening to the public in the month of May. An innovative “turnkey” promotion formula that allows the operator to get rid of operations and costs outside of its own business, contracting with SiGLA all the responsibilities of the development and facilities departments, and what is even more innovative: outsourcing investment in new establishments.

Another similar development has been planned this year 2014: the public tender for the promotion of a new establishment for Eroski in Sóller (Mallorca).

Likewise, in the Community of Madrid, and with Aldi as the main operator, we present a Commercial Park on land belonging to the City Council of Móstoles that is pending municipal resolution.

2014 has also been the year in which we have developed a new storage and business incubator model that will materialize very soon in the industrial belt of Madrid with a Center that will have the capacity to house more than 150 businesses.

The year concludes with the opening, in the first days of November, of the Francisco Norte car park in Marbella. An operation of special promotional complexity that has put us on a firm footing in the promotion and management of urban parking.


Igor Martínez de Arenaza

Dr. Investment and Project Development