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El desarrollo de Gasolineras es una especialidad de SiGLA

With more than half a dozen projects in progress

The development of Compact Service Stations and Gas Stations will be one of the highlighted tasks in 2015


The development of gas stations as a commercial asset is a SiGLA specialty supported by more than 50 implementations.


The year 2015 is very active in this type of establishments that we develop for different commercial distribution companies.

The first of our gas stations to operate this year is located in Vitoria. This is a facility attached to the supermarket that Eroski has in the Ali-Gobeo industrial area, west of the capital of Alava. It is a conventional facility developed in 2014, so it is already in the legalization phase with an expected opening in the second half of this month of January.

With about 550m2 of urbanization and two tanks of 40,000 liters each, it has four streets with two pumps (eight hoses in total) for diesel A and SP95 gasoline.

It is a gas station with a toll booth and attended business hours, although it will provide 24-hour service as it has self-payment pumps with card. Another similar project is being developed in Bergara, with an expected opening for the second half of this year.

In the Balearic Community there are six projects that are currently underway: two in Ibiza, one in Menorca and three in Mallorca.

The most advanced of them is a first implementation of our compact or low-cost gas station model located in Sant Lluís (Menorca), which is in the construction phase and is scheduled to open in March. Behind him is the Binissalem project, which is in the licensing phase and will begin work this year.

More than 20 years have passed since SiGLA professionals gained their first experience in the development and implementation of gas stations attached to a Shopping Center. It was in 1993, for the Eroski group in Navarra, specifically in the Iruña Shopping Center in Pamplona.

Fifty-seven establishments later, we can assure you that the development of own-brand gas stations for commercial distribution companies is undoubtedly one of our specialties.

Since the founding of SiGLA in 2010, there are seven establishments of this type that are operating successfully: Cartagena, Cuenca, Figueres, Águilas, Noia and Ondara for Eroski, and the one located in the Plaza Eboli Shopping Center, in Pinto (Madrid). ), with E-Leclerc brand.

The experience accumulated in this type of commercial asset has led us to develop a new compact establishment model, also called low-cost gas station, which will soon be operating in the Balearic Community as the first example of this format. These are automatic self-service pumps and lack a building, store, car wash tunnel or other services necessary in a conventional Service Station.

The Government regulated this new type of gas stations in Royal Decree 4/2013 as a stimulus measure for the economy, allowing the installation of these fuel supply units in commercial establishments, shopping centers and parks, ITV, service areas and industrial estates. . In this way, distribution companies that have already started installing their own brand gas stations such as Alcampo, Carrefour, Eroski, E-Leclerc and others can now access this new model of gas station with only the space of eight parking spaces. parking in its shopping centers or its Free Standing establishments.