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Access roundabout to the new Guiomar Commercial Park in Segovia

It is now operational and open to traffic.

SiGLA completes the roundabout that will facilitate access to the new Guiomar Commercial Park in Segovia

Although its construction was planned since the opening of the Luz de Castilla Shopping Center, its completion will serve both commercial facilities.

Located in the Polígono Acueducto, also known as Polígono Alresa, it is located between the Mapfre roundabout and the Shopping Center, on the main access road to the Polígono.

SiGLA, in this case as construction manager, began the works in September 2016, and after four months of work, it delivered the end of work documentation on January 30 to the Segovia City Hall awaiting its reception. final, and at this time, it is already operational and open to traffic.

This is a 5,000 square meter project between paved roads (3,000m2), sidewalks (1,300m2) and landscaping (700m2), which is now concluding after a total investment of 800,000 euros.

The new roundabout will channel 70% of the traffic entering and exiting vehicles from the Luz de Castilla Shopping Center and the new Guiomar Shopping Park, since it collects traffic from the Ctra. de San Rafael, the SG-20 and the connection with the AVE Station. The rest of the flow of vehicles destined for both commercial facilities is expected from Guadarrama Street (20%) and the interpolígonos road (10%) from Hontoria.

With the implementation of this roundabout, vehicle access and exit will be significantly improved since traffic is expected to increase significantly with the opening of the new Guiomar Commercial Park.

The Guiomar Commercial Park was presented on November 29 in an event in which the mayor of Segovia participated and already has a commercial license and a construction license.

It extends over a 34,000 m2 plot of land for nine stores, from 750 to 3,000 m2, intended for the establishment of commercial distribution operators in sectors such as fashion, DIY, household appliances, food, sports, pets, gardening, automobiles,… and more than 600 parking spaces.

The commercial opportunity that Segovia represents stands out as one of the few provincial capitals in which there is no “medium store” commercial park, the only format in which some of the most popular chain stores are developed.