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A compact gas station and another corporate one, there are already more than 50.


SiGLA is a specialist in the development of this type of gas stations.

A compact gas station in the Balearic Islands and another corporate one in the Basque Country.

In 2016 we exceeded 50 developments of this type with the openings of Binissalem and Elorrio.

The compact gas station model developed by SiGLA’s engineering area is proving effective and profitable. For this reason, this year the development of another implementation of this type of gas station in Binissalem, in the interior of Mallorca, very close to Inca, culminates. It is the second operating in the Balearic Islands after the opening in March ’15 of the compact gas station in the Sant Lluís industrial estate in Menorca. A third project is currently in development on the islands.

The Binissalem gas station is located in the parking lot of a supermarket and has a pump two streets away with four hoses for 95 gasoline and diesel A. It operates on a self-service basis and automatic payment by card, although the installation is attended by personnel in supermarket opening hours since its inauguration in July of this year 2016.

The Elorrio gas station responds to a larger model, 910m2, to meet the needs of Eroski’s corporate headquarters, with 864 workers, and residents of the area.

Likewise, the gas station meets the needs of the Elorrio logistics platform, which is why it is equipped with a specific dispensing device for industrial vehicles and trucks with triple flow (130 l./min.).

In this case there are three pumps on two streets with two nozzles per street for diesel A and unleaded gasoline 95; In the case of the pump intended for trucks, it also offers the option of refueling AdBlue.

With a 135m2 canopy, the Elorrio gas station has a 50m2 control building manned by staff although it operates on a self-service basis with a 24-hour automatic payment lane. and a window payment lane, during opening hours, in order to serve a greater flow of vehicles.